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D2B Pest Control of Southern Indiana, LLC

Leave the Crawl Space Remediation Work to Us


Providing Excellent Crawl Space Remediation Services 

Prevent organic growth in your crawl space by booking our crawl space remediation services at D2B Pest Control of Southern Indiana, LLC located in  Washington, Indiana. Continue reading to learn more about the dangers of organic growth.

Your crawl space is an often neglected part of your home. It is a part of your home left to the moisture of open air and exposed ground, creating a breeding ground where organic growth can flourish. Homes are now built to be more airtight, creating a need for solutions to a unique problem. 

What happens when wood floorboards and soft fiberglass insulation are left to the open humid air? You get a perfect mixture of “organic growth” growing areas. This can cause huge problems for homeowners.

Organic growth in your crawl space is not only bad for your home, but it can also be bad for you. If organic growth is growing in your home, it can create unhealthy air and affect those with respiratory or immune system problems. Because of this, organic growth remediation is crucial to the well-being of your family and the safety of your home.

Crawl spaces are damp and dark. Critters have easy access to them. The batt insulation falls down, and the air smells musty and moldy. We know now that crawl space air quality directly affects the air quality of a home, so that bad air (and occasional critters) gets into the living space above.

Relative humidity is the measure of the amount of water in the air, relative to how much water the air could hold at that same temperature. High-relative humidity leads to high wood moisture content.

High humidity causes cool surfaces to condensate, creating high wood moisture content within a crawl space. Humidity also causes air ducts to collect water and get heavy, and to eventually sag and fall down. This all leads to microbial growth on organic material or organic growth inside your crawl space.

We will inspect your crawl space and provide recommendations if deemed appropriate along with pricing.

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