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The Mystery of Pests

Second-guessing investing in pest control services? Maybe after reading our informative blog at D2B Pest Control of Southern Indiana, LLC located in Washington, Indiana, you can make up your mind. Read our blog to learn how insects, termites, and bed bugs can destroy your home!

When Should Professional Pest Control Be Done at Home? Winter? Summer? Fall? Spring?

That’s a regular question I have been asked for the past 5 years or so. Which season should professional pest control be done in the home, do we really need winter service?

This week I was asked if it’s worthwhile doing pest control for ants in winter? My answer was, “Can you live with ants in your house, sink, cupboards, living room, shower, bathroom, etc. all winter? Do you really want to wait for spring for pest control to be done?”

Their reply, “can’t we just call when they pop up in the winter and then come back in to treat them?”

Each type of pest, whether it be a rodent (mice or rats) or an insect (cockroaches, ants, fleas, bedbugs, wasps, etc.) has a season in which it reproduces faster (usually summer) but that does not mean that pest control is only done in the summer. The best time to do pest control is when a certain pest is identified in a place where you do not want it to develop and propagate, no matter what time of year it is.

For example, what will you do if you noticed a number of ants walking on the kitchen counter in January? Wait until April? And in the meantime the ant nest will grow and the ants will wander around the kitchen counter for another three months until “the appropriate season” comes around. I guarantee the female half of the relationship isn’t going to wait when she walks into a room and turns a light on and watches roaches run everywhere, so why wait to renew services after they have taken a foothold?

The best advice I or any other company is going to give you is to do the year-round pest control, with it typically comes a warranty, most pest control companies give a warranty on all pest control actions (the duration of the warranty depends on the type of pest). If you cancel for the winter we have lost our chemical foothold we had and are starting over from scratch. If we start over there is an initial service fee for starting over.

Our seasons aren’t cold enough, nor long enough, like they were 20 years ago. I can pull a picture up on my phone of a mosquito on a wood post last February in my back yard. Our insect killing winters are a thing of the past. We have a few days of cold and snow and then back in the 50’s like a yo-yo.

Ewww... what’s that smell??? STINKBUGS

For a long time we’ve been told that stinkbugs aren’t controllable. We’ve been following the research of some scientists waiting for the magic dust or spray to be brought to the market. They have some thoughts about chemicals and practices that we are applying to our treatments and look forward to trying in the future.

It is highly recommended that you start treating for stink bugs in Early August and continue MONTHLY treatments with a control program. Full control may not be attained the first year, they assure us that following their protocols we will see a drastic reduction. Part of the issue is the ones that’s harboring inside the walls of your home. We will need for them and their offspring to re-emerge the next season to come into contact with our products.

We will apply a dust insecticide. The dust insecticide will need to be applied every 6 months directly in cracks and crevices around the exterior of your structure:

• around window and door frames

• around areas where cables, pipes and wires enter the structure

• around eaves and soffits

• any crack, crevice or gap where pests can enter

We will apply a liquid insecticide every 30 days around the exterior perimeter of your structure. We will apply the solution to the following areas:

• 1 foot up the foundation of the structure and 1 foot out on to the ground

• around areas where cables, pipes and wires enter into the structure

• around door frames and window frames

• around vents and soffits

• any other area on the structure where entry can be made

We use this combination because the liquid insecticide will be exposed rain & to UV rays or applied to porous surfaces all of which can reduce the effectiveness of the application. Dust applications are long lasting and work well as added protection against persistent invading insects.

After stink bugs have made their way inside they are hard to control. That is because they like to stay tucked away inside mostly inaccessible areas. If some stink bugs come out of hiding the best way to eliminate them is to vacuum them up and then empty the bag or canister outside.

Another option in helping eliminate the stink bugs is pest proofing your home by caulking small gaps and cracks.

NOTE: In most instances where homes or other structures have had stink bug invasions in the past it can take more than one season to gain complete control. Typically about 80% control will be attained the first season.

Call D2B Pest Control of Southern Indiana to schedule your homes evaluation for services. We will happily show you what you can do yourself in pest proofing your home or give you a price for us to do the pest proofing service for you. Let’s get started in eliminating the stink bugs around your home.

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